"Oh my ......... 1942"


"Rosie, I don't know how I would have coped without you. From the day I first met you, to the last day of Jason's passage--you were nothing short of a "miracle" of strength, wisdom, smarts, and kindness. This is the most difficult and challenging task of all. To oversee, vision, conduct the whole choir of performers, and keep the home fires burning, no matter what surprises appear on the horizon.

This is strength, awesome strength of wisdom, which I will never forget, and for which my brother benefitted greatly, probably more than he could recognize at the time.

I look forward to a continued friendship Rosie, for which I feel most blessed."

“I want to write and thank you for your wonderful care of my sister. No matter how awful it is to lose her she is finally at peace. I'm glad we could come and visit and know she was beautifully cared for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Mrs C. S., WI

“I've been hearing about my aunt. We are all not only delighted that she is happy but also extremely grateful that you're loving care and attention is allowing her to flourish.”
Rev J.P., CA

“Thank you for the photos of my sister. I can see from the surroundings that she was in a beautiful home and I am sure, well cared for. It was comforting to realize that she was in such good hands.”
Mr P.S., FL

“Julio and Rosie, I want to thank you both for my good care at your home. Say hello to B and P - miss you all - miss the daily chatter at the big table.”
Mrs B. G.,OH

“Thanks so much for all the comfort you provided to my father and to my sister as well. They were lucky to have met you.”
Mr J.L.,TX

“To Rosie and Julio, with love and appreciation for your wonderful years of love and care for our Mom and Dad.”
S Family, CA

“Rosie, Thank you for your kindness and caring for our son. It meant a lot to us.”
Mr & Mrs T. K., WA

“What a journey we've had together. Rosie - you know just how crazy the system is and I've watched you weather it over the years. You are one of health-care's heroes.”
Dr M.B., CA

“Rosie: Thank you for your generosity. It sure makes a difference.”
Ms J.R. CA

“Dear Rosie and Julio, Thank you so much for your tremendous kindness to my aunt and my entire family. We will be eternally grateful.”
Mrs K.B.,CA

“Thank you both for all you did and all you tried to do for my mother. I appreciate all the kindness extended to me.”
Mrs C.K.,CA

“Thank you so much for your excellent management of my mother's care. In spite of her crusty, testy behavior, I know she was very fond of you and trusted you enormously. I don't know what I would have done without you!”
Ms C.W.,CA

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