About Sam's House

SAM'S HOUSE is a Residential Care Facility for the elderly situated in the town of Bolinas. A quiet house tucked away off Wharf Road, Sam's House is a one minute walk to stores and restaurants. The house is built on one level and set in a beautiful flower garden with views of Mt. Tamalpais from the deck. Suitable for non-ambulatory residents over 60 years of age. We help residents to maintain their independence with high-quality care, in a family home setting. We have a complete nutrition management system and individual designed care program to meet all needs. Bolinas Family Practice is close by and is very willing to make house calls when required. Regular weekly outings for lunch, picnics, or participation at functions in the nearby Community Centre or Library.

Sam's House offers care for residents who do not want to live alone or who have Cognitive Impairment. Respite care, private and semi-private accommodations are available.

  • 24 hour Trained Staffed Care

  • High Quality Care

  • Complete Nutrition Management

  • Individual Care Plan

  • Family House Setting

  • Cognitive Impairment

  • 6 Beds non Ambulatory

  • Regular Manageable Outings

We are honored to offer Hospice care to those who are in our care. Our staff is trained and empowered to recognize the stress and chaos families experience when placing a family member outside the family unit. Our goal is to alleviate the anxiety. The services we provide are included in the monthly fee: Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) i.e. bathing, dressing, grooming, nutritious meals, medicine management, laundry, incontinence care (underwear not included), housekeeping, activities all can share in, transport to doctors appointments, Cognitive Impairment care.

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As aging is a natural process, elderly should not be shunned or warehoused because they look different or act different to the image that most of us have. Elderly people have earned the right to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of the fact that they may say odd things, cannot speak in whole sentences or maybe wear clothes the wrong way around or have special diet needs.

The fear of families not knowing what to do with their elderly is felt by the elderly, who are fearful of their own aging process and what is happening to the whole family. They try to make things easy for their family by not making references to their own fears and things they would like. It is a very exhausting task to find a place for the loved one. This is the hook that institutions use.

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Fear is passed on to some families by institutions to gain control of vulnerable people. The fear of what if ......? is an institutional strong selling point - so what if - what if does happen? Small facilities have the same resources available to them, as the large facilities have. BUT the difference is that the small facilities have staff more in tune with their residents. Small facilities are staffed by people who have a calling to helping people and are hand selected for their empathy and trained multi-disciplines. Large facilities are staffed, by enlarge, with people who they can get.

Small family facilities have the time and patience to settle in residents and help them adapt to their new family home. Sam's House helps the elderly and families of elderly to make the changes and enables families to feel safe and secure to transfer the day to day living tasks to hands-on professionals. The important thing is for the families to stop feeling exhausted and to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

For a tour, assessment or advice please call
(415) 868-2866 or stop by 38 Wharf Road, Bolinas.