Sam's House Staff


Rosemary and her husband, Julio, established Sam's House in 1999. Their loyal and friendly staff has helped make Sam’s House a warm and inviting home for residents.

John is Rosemary and Julio’s son. He enjoys interacting with the residents — cooking, writing letters, playing cards and chess.
Ember is very important to the facility because she travels with her bag of beauty products and keeps everyone trimmed, looking handsome and beautiful.
Bosco was born in Uganda and brought with him his humanity and respect for all people.
Alondra Has been with Sam’s House for 4 years and brings uniqueness with her care and continues to increase her knowledge of the aging process.
Rosa lives in Bolinas. Is an active member of West Marin Community and loves her job.

Sam’s House small staff is sometimes increased to welcome students wanting work experience to further their medical careers.